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Ssshhhhhhh A Secret Magical Breathable Foundation, Even Hollywood Stars Use

Breathable foundation sounds like long awaited makeup invention in the cosmetic industry. Oxygenated foundation  such as the Oxygenetix is an award winning skin product that is composed with Ceravitae Complex element as its main ingredient. Oxygenetix has become the most efficient product and is being used by five stars ranked plastic surgeons, dermatologists, famous celebrities, celebrity  makeup artists, and as…

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Going on Holiday? Don’t Forget Your Essentials…

Your journey to the mesmerizing destination of your choice may take a toll on your skin. Though your skin may seem like it’s been prepped for battle, it’s easy to forget some of the essential ingredients to keep it in perfect condition and at its best. If you’re going on holiday, you need to be on the lookout for the…

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How to Apply Foundation – Brush or Sponge?

Your foundation is your signature and your first line of defense for your face – you need to make sure it’s applied perfectly. With a variety of methods of application, you’ll have to decide what will work best for you and your skin, so that it will look the best and last for the duration of the day. There are…

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Organic Skincare – Natural Products Your Skin Will Love

Xcell Pure – The Ultimate Medical Grade Skincare Xcell Pure Medical Skincare products are about results. This is the most effective skincare on the market, it’s organic, and it’s 100% naturally chirally corrected. One of the many things that we look for in skincare is a technology called Chirality. When a product is “chirally correct,” it means that it contains…

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Powerhouse of the Cell – Vitamin A

If you want your treatments to work really well, you need to arm yourself with Vitamin A. Imagine trying to lift a heavy table without having built a muscular structure – you just can’t do it. If you prepare by lifting weights for a few weeks and then lift the table – you can! Vitamin A builds and prepares your…

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Vitamin C Serum

Morning fresh Vitamin C serums to strengthen the strands of collagen you stimulate with your nightly Vitamin A treatments. Lighten, whiten and brighten with Vitamin C. Suffering from darkened skin, pigmentation, dullness – put Vitamin C serums to work doing what they do best. Brighten with C The power of oranges in a potent, powerful serum. Combine Vitamin A at…

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