Powerhouse of the Cell – Vitamin A

If you want your treatments to work really well, you need to arm yourself with Vitamin A. Imagine trying to lift a heavy table without having built a muscular structure – you just can’t do it. If you prepare by lifting weights for a few weeks and then lift the table – you can! Vitamin A builds and prepares your skin cells in the same way.

Vitamin A – the powerhouse of the cell – stimulates the fibroblasts under the skin to stimulate production of more collagen and elastin.

It also helps to slough-off dead cells and decrease pigmentation – a must in your skin perfecting arsenal.

Healing Power

If you are struggling with acne, and many of us do from time to time, Vitamin A helps heal and aid the repair of damaged skin.

Vitamin A – Slough, Stimulate, Heal

The more intense the yellow colour of the Vitamin A, the stronger it is. Our preferred brand, the Xcell range, is ciracally corrected, which means the stinging and burning molecule has been removed so you can use it every night – without getting a burning effect that you get with other brands.

Sun Damage

Treat your sun damage – the dry, pigmented skin you get as you age after too many sun sessions. Vitamin A makes a world of difference to sun-damaged skin.

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