The Perfect Face

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Looking For Beauty

The Greeks said that all beauty is mathematics. If that is true then perhaps there is a mathematical code, formula, relationship or even a number that can describe facial beauty.

Historically many different numbers have been tried in an attempt to describe beauty, however, only one mathematical relationship has been consistently and repeatedly reported to be present in beautiful things.

The Golden Ratio

This particular relationship is the “Golden Ratio”. It is a mathematical ratio that seems to appear recurrently in beautiful things in nature as well as in other things that are seen as “Beautiful”.

The “Golden Ratio” is a mathematical ratio of 1.618:1, and the number 1.618 is called “Phi”.

The Perfect Face | The Perfect Face | The Perfect Face | The Perfect Face | The Perfect Face |

Many things found in nature have parts that are in a ratio of 1.618:1 as you can see in the images attached.

The Perfect Face | The Perfect Face | The Perfect Face | The Perfect Face |

Other Names For The Golden Ratio:

The ratio of 1:1.618 (The “Golden Ratio”) is also referred to by other names.
Some of these are:

  1. The Phi Ratio
  2. The Fibonacci Ratio
  3. The Divine Ratio
  4. The Golden Mean
  5. The Golden Section
  6. The Golden Proportion:

Two equal ratios are called a proportion. Since all golden ratios are equal to each other, two golden ratios shown as equaling each other are referred to as a “Golden Proportion”.

The term “Golden Proportion” is also referred to by other names including:

The Phi Proportion

The Fibonacci Proportion

The Divine Proportion

Plastic Surgeon Dr Marquardt has developed a special mask.



As it turns out, the Golden Decagon Matrix is not only the geometric “source code” for DNA, and hence life, but also of the attractive or “beautiful” human face as well.

The face is entirely constructed from the “golden decagon matrix” configuration. This is why all of the “phi elements” appear in the face.

The basic framework of the face is a golden decagon matrix which we refer to as the “Primary Golden Decagon Matrix”. This primary complex forms the geometric framework of the face as well as the borders of the face.




In order to construct the face, forty-two (42) “secondary” Golden Decagon Matrices, which are exactly the same shape as the Primary Golden Decagon Matrix but smaller by various multiples of phi, are mathematically and geometrically uniquely positioned in the Primary (or framework) Golden Decagon Matrix. It is these forty-two (42) Secondary Golden Decagon Matrices which ultimately form the various components of the face.

Each of these “Secondary Golden Decagon Matrices” geometrically locks onto the Primary Golden Decagon Matrix by having at least two vertex radials, a vertex radial and an intersect of two vertex radials, or two intersects of vertex radials in common (coincident) with the Primary Golden Decagon Matrix.


The colourized “Golden Mask” appears as the Primary and Secondary Golden Decagon Matrices fade away leaving only the parts of themselves that actually form the mask and its components.



Since the complete Golden Facial Mask is constructed from a series of golden decagon matrices, and the golden decagon matrices, in turn, are constructed from the golden elements, it becomes clear why the golden elements are all present and can all be visualized in the golden facial mask.

The Perfect Face |



The final “Golden Mask” is ultimately shown in “gold”, representative of its construction from the “Golden Ratio”.

Plastic surgeon, Dr Steven M Marquardt, has patented a whole mask for this PHI golden concept. To find more details regarding this check out this site: Beautyanalysis



Below are some examples of the mask of some famous people.

The Perfect Face |


The Perfect Face |


The Perfect Face |


Marquardt also superimposes his Mask on several pieces of famous art on the MBA site.

The Perfect Face |


Lady Agnew by John Singer Sargent. Lady Agnew was considered a beauty, and Sargent’s painting does her comeliness justice.

The Perfect Face |

1893 John Sargent

Angelina Jolie fits the mask pretty well, except for her lips being larger than average, which should come as no surprise. (Her head is tilted downward in this photo, which would account for some of the ill-fit around the jawline).

The Perfect Face |

Angelina Jolie

Jolie’s counterpart in beauty, Brad Pitt, however, doesn’t fit the Mask well at all. At its best fit (top), the Mask would indicate that Pitt’s nose is too wide, and his jawline too pronounced for mathematical beauty.

The Perfect Face |

Brad Pitt Mask

Soccer superstar turned occasional model, David Beckham, however, fits the Mask almost perfectly, the only variation seeming to occur in the brow area, though the flattened eyebrow area is not uncommon in European Caucasianss. It would be of no surprise to Marquardt that Beckham fits the Mask so well, as the doctor feels that athletes are predisposed to physical symmetry. It is this symmetry which makes them good athletes and results in so many athletes being attractive.

The Perfect Face |

David Beckham Mask

The Perfect Face |

The Perfect Face |

The Perfect Face |

The mask can be downloaded from Dr Marquardt’s website, listed above.