What Causes Hair Loss? Can PRP treatment help?

October 20, 2011 Written by Ever Young - No Comments

According to Dr Greco, leading hair loss specialist in Miami Florida, he says yes…….read this this excerpt from his blog, if you can get the gist of what it means.

Hair loss (related to DHT) is directly determined by how sensitive you are to androgens. Your sensitivity is determined by triplet repeat mutations in the androgen receptor gene on the x chromosome. It’s the downstream effects caused by DHT binding to the androgen receptor that causes hair loss so a mutation that causes a defective androgen receptor gene is cumulative throughout the generations and each following generation will potentially have MPB that is worse than the previous generation.

Hair loss is multi factorial and stem cells play a much more important roll in AGA (male pattern) than previously thought, especially since the findings of Garza et al, 2011. This study essentially demonstrated faulty scalp stem cells result in insufficient quantities of progenitor cells that then allow the 5DHT to begin the miniaturizing of hairs genetically sensitive to 5DHT.

Our experience with cellular therapy has demonstrated: (1) the signaling of follicular stem cells with growth factors and follicular revascularization to promote reversing miniaturization in AGA, as well as, (2) reducing inflammation and turning on dormant stem cells in inflammatory hair diseases such as in Alopecia Areata and Dicsoid Lupus. Cellular therapy is as an adjunctive treatment used with FDA approved medicines like DHT blockers or Rogaine. It can be used in patients who have failed traditional therapy, used in patients who do not want to take medicines or for those who have encountered side effects to traditional medicines.

In summary, our experience utilizing autologous regenerative therapy the past four years has proven to be safe. We have not experienced any clinical negative side effects, short term or long term, in our patients nor has anyone reported side effects in their patients using cellular therapy. Utilizing your own cells to regenerate damaged cells is the future of Medicine.